Star Wywiol Gallery, An der Alster 81, next to the Hotel Atlantic


For years, the Stern-Wywiol group led by Volkmar Wywiol collects contemporary art and displays it in the company premises (Stern-Wywiol Gruppe). Already in 2008, Volkmar Wywiol initiated in Mecklenburg Wittenburg, an hour's drive east of Hamburg, the foundation of the "flour art museum" for a collection of bags of flour - now more than 2700 exhibits - which honors one of the most important foods and cultural treasures of mankind and the date for cultural history museum "grain worlds" is extended (Flour Art Museum)

The move to conduct an independent gallery, is not necessarily for Volkmar Wywiol but consistent: "My understanding is every economic enterprise - regardless of the industry and what products - also a work of art. For creativity, imagination and fun design are supporting elements. For me, art is a stimulant, ideas and sometimes the opportunity for contemplation, "says Volkmar Wywiol his drive as founder and owner of an international group of companies with over 750 employees that develops additives for food and animal feed, manufactures and distributes.


The Stern-Wywiol gallery was founded in June 2012 by Volkmar Wywiol and is a member of the same group of companies. Our focus is on contemporary sculpture. We show relevant positions that differ from both the material as well as the substantive approach: abstract wood sculptures, figurative bronze as well as stone sculptural works, new positions of Junk-Art, Conceptual Art, Minimal and political embossed art.

Sculptures fascinate! No other art form is so close to us and touches us so directly. In the sculpture makes man a three-dimensional picture of the world, always with his own body as a unit. Although since the modern possibilities seem endless and the boundaries blur is: Only the sculpture knows those forced to formal precision and the absolute mastery of the material, for the compression and the Essential, fascinates us and challenges


Eröffnung der Stern-Wywiol-Galerie 05.06.2012

v.l.n.r. Prof. Dr. Hubertus Gaßner (Direktor Hamburger Kunsthalle, Eröffnungsredner), Yves Rasch (Galeriekünstler), Volkmar Wywiol (Galeriegründer)